The source of information in administrative systems are often available in other administrative systems. The complex and laborious nature of the automation of this data transfer often results in manual transfer.

The XConnector is an effective tool that formats data in a way that it can be read by Exact Globe Next® XML Server modules / Integration Services and the import functions / web services of Synergy Enterprise®.

Do you have data that you input into Exact Globe Next® and/or Synergy Enterprise® on a regular basis that are already available in other sources, like;

  • Relations
  • General ledger accounts
  • Cost centers
  • Cost units
  • Projects
  • Articles
  • Recipies
  • Price lists
  • Assets
  • Recipes
  • Employees
  • Budgets
  • Currency rates
  • Financial entries
  • Time sheets
  • Purchase orders
  • Sales invoices
  • Sales orders
  • Requests

Or all data that can be read by Exact Globe Next® and/or Synergy Enterprise®.
The following file types can be used as a source for the aforementioned data.

  • MS-Excel
  • CSV (Comma Seperated Values)
  • ASCII (Fixed Length, TAB gescheiden)
  • MS-SQL Server tabels, views or stored procedures


  • Prevent manual entry
  • Short learning curve and fast implementation
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Integration with Exact Globe Next® and Synergy Enterprise®
  • Fully automatic scheduling

Three different XConnector versions are distinguished; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Please read our functionality matrix page to check the functionality per version.

For more information and or an extensive presentation contact Explore-IT or one of our resellers.

For updates and product support see our XConnector start page.