The production market is great and divers. The last few years Explore-IT has primarily implemented systems in the paper cutting and metal processing industries.

The main focus during these implementations was the ongoing optimization the ERP-systems resulting in a higher yield. What happens when suboptimal processes are automated? Then suboptimal automated processes are created! This is why Explore-IT uses the lean philosophy when it comes to the implementation of Exact Software.

Lean aims to create ‘flow’ in a process and eliminate waste. For example the elimination of unnecessary transport, waiting periods and administration. This speeds up you organization and costs are reduced. Get higher yield out of your ERP solution by automating ‘Lean’ processes. Combine this with our specialist knowledge of production and logistics and a lean implementation of Exact will lead to:m

  • Decrease of inventory
  • Increase of delivery reliability
  • More and real-time insight in corporate processes and KPI’s
  • Decrease of operations and increase of speed in the (production) process
  • Less errors

These process optimizations result in cost reductions. Like stated before there is a strong relation between the yield of your ERP-investment and the way it is implemented. Our implementation method is the key success element. With this we secure the quality of our services and your solution. Your knowledge of (branch specific) processes, of Exact and Lean come together in the implementation of the right solution. With the use of consultancy, training and project leadership we cooperate in reaching the aimed goal.