Explore-IT consultants have many years of experience regarding the realization of Exact Software implementations for national and international organizations.
Projects are executed following Exacts implementation method, this method ensures a clear structure. The said structure warrants quality, budget and time.

Preliminary inquiry

Before start of the project a full insight is required regarding wishes of functionality of the automation solution. This is done via a feasibility study. In the feasibility study the processes, preferred output and project risks are presented in an easy readable document. The required software solutions needed for the realization for the set goals are also described in this document.

Project planning

After completion of the feasibility study and the decision making process a project planning is drafted. This project planning informs the responsible regarding the project organization and strands of the project.

  • Project organization
  • Consultation composition within the project organization
  • Budget monitoring
  • Progress monitoring

Project approach

The project approach gives detailed insight in the activities needed for the realization of the set goals. In the method of approach the following project activities are described.

  • Installation of the Software
  • Instruction of the application administrator and key-users
  • Workshops with key-users
  • Description of work instructions
  • Defining of management reports
  • Input and/or conversion of basic and/or historic data
  • Test plan description
  • Training of end users
  • Go live plan
  • Project de-charge
  • Operational guidance

Based upon this detailed list of activities it is possible to make a realistic estimation of the lead time and cost of the project.


When the project approach is agreed upon the project can start. In this phase extensive cooperation between key-users, consultants and project managers is present. This phase is all about the realization of the agreed upon activities. Project management guards the progress and the budget, and corrects if needed.

Evaluation and follow-up

After completion of the implementation the project is evaluated together with the project organization. At the end there follows a de-charge of the project management from the commission, and agreements are made regarding the guidance and maintenance during the operational phase.